Pike County, Alabama
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Troy, Alabama
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Pike County Sheriff's Office Statistics

  The Pike County Sheriff’s Office is an extension of the court system. Each year we serve approximately 4,000 legal documents to residents and businesses in Pike County. These documents come from various courts including: Circuit Criminal and Circuit Civil, District Criminal and Civil Court, Probate Court, and Juvenile Court. We also serve legal documents from other counties in Alabama and various states across the country. From 2012-2014 so far, approximately 10,000 legal documents have been served for the court systems.

  Also included from Probate Court are the involuntary commitments. Below are the number of commitments and miles traveled transporting those commitments from 2012-July 10th, 2014

2012: 40 involuntary commitments with 7,163 miles traveled.

2013: 38 involuntary commitments with 6,972 miles traveled.

2014: 15 involuntary commitments with 2,464 miles traveled (to July 2014)



  The Pike County Sheriff’s Office also makes multiple arrests each year. Below is the number of felony and misdemeanor arrests made from 2012-2014(to July 10th,2014).

2012: 120 Felony arrests

         : 127 Misdemeanor arrests

Total:  247 arrests


2013: 123 Felony arrests

         : 113 Misdemeanor arrests

Total: 236 arrests


2014: 64 Felony arrests

        : 38 Misdemeanor arrests

Total: 102 arrests (to July 10th,2014)



  The Pike County Sheriff’s Office has been a member of the 12th Judicial Drug Task Force since 1989. The number of cases made will vary from year to year because as drugs in communities are eradicated and people are arrested, it diminishes the drugs and the criminal activities associated with it. Here is the number of drug cases made by the Pike County Sheriff’s Office from January 2008-July 2014.

Distribution of a controlled substance (cocaine,marijuana,methamphetamine): 173


Promoting prison contraband (drugs only): 19


Possession of a controlled substance (cocaine, methamphetamine,pills): 39


Trafficking marijuana (more than 2.2 pounds): 8


Trafficking cocaine (over 1 ounce, crack/powder cocaine): 4


Manufacturing methamphetamine: 25


Possession of marijuana 1st degree ( felony possession): 4


Possession of marijuana 2nd degree: 18


Possession of drug paraphernalia: 2






*So far thru July 10th, 2014, 11 drug arrests have been made by the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, which are included in the above statistics. The cases made in 2014 are:

6 possession of controlled substance (cocaine, methamphetamine, pills, etc.)

2 Trafficking marijuana

2 Promoting prison contraband

1 Manufacturing 1st degree

Also there have been 26 firearms seized in 2014, up to July 10th.




  The Pike County Sheriff’s Office has also had 3 separate cases in which 2 elderly people and 1 small child has gone missing. The first incident which occurred off of Highway 29, the victim was found in the woods, several miles from home, 54 hours of being reported missing. The second incident involved a small child in the Goshen area, who wandered away from home into the woods,  and was found within 1 hour of being reported missing. The third incident also involved an elderly lady to go missing in the Tennille Community, who was found in the woods, within 7 hours of being reported missing. In each of the missing cases the victim was found, and has fully recovered.  The outstanding relationship with our dedicated volunteer fire departments and the search and rescue teams, speak volumes in crisis situations like these.